Eurosphere agenda: “EU agrees to boost defence and security…”Downing Street dismisses Brexit ‘divisions’ memo…

EU agrees to boost defence and security  BBC News | Europe | World Edition The EU is to boost its defence role, but a senior official says the bloc does not intend to compete with Nato. Downing Street dismisses Brexit ‘divisions’ memo BBC News | Europe | World Edition Downing Street “wholeheartedly” rejects a leaked memo describing … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Techfugees aims to crowdsource solutions to Europe’s migrant crisis

Techfugees aims to crowdsource solutions to Europe’s migrant crisis The Next Web by Amanda Connolly Over the past few weeks, we have highlighted the need for the tech community to look outside its bubble at the European migrant crisis. Today, Mike Butcher, Editor-at-large of Techcrunch, has taken this a step further and launched “Techfugees” – a … Read more

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