Istanbul World Chess Olympiad news roundup:

2012 Chess Olympiad Istanbul: Final round clashes – Chessbase 2012 Chess Olympiad Istanbul: Final round clashes 08.09.2012 ? Sunday is the big showdown, with the chess equivalent of blood and gore to be expected. Despite finishing 21st, Pinoy woodpushers still winners in Chess Olympiad Philippine Star MANILA, Philippines ? If there’s anything the Philippines achieved … Read more

2012 Chess Olympiad in Istanbul begins!

official site here. Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012 – CHESS OLYMPIAD ISTANBUL TURKEY 2012 – Travelshop Turkey Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012 | Facebook Chess Olympiad Opens in Istanbul, Armenia among Favorites Armenian Weekly ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)?The opening ceremonies of the 40thWorld Chess Olympiad will be held today in Istanbul, in the presence of more than a thousand chess players representing … Read more

Family fight in Turkish Chess community makes global headlines

Inside the news, you see that accusing parties are also Turkish, rivals of the current federation presidency… Turkish Chess Federation accused of bribery (UPDATE) Tomorrow the Financial General Assembly of the Turkish Chess Federation will be held. No doubt on the agenda will be an audit, published on the federation?s own website, which reveals that … Read more

Kasparov vs. Karpov- once again

Oh boy, once I was obsessed with chess and I had spent a good deal of time studying Kasparov vs. Karpov games… The pair have played nearly 200 times Checkmate Why does chess throw up such great rivalries? After the first day: So two down, ten to go, but at the moment, it looks ominous … Read more