Cyberculture agenda: “The causes of selfie-related fatalities

The causes of selfie-related fatalities Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder The most common way to die from taking a selfie is falling from a heights, followed by drowning. From Priceonomics: How Snapchat’s Evolving, One Small Update at a Time (and Why You Need to Pay Attention) Social Media Today by Andrew Hutchinson Snapchat announced two significant updates last … Read more

İstanbul News: the Armenians of Istanbul… World biggest tulip carpet made debut (!)

World biggest tulip carpet made debut in Istanbul Cihan News Agency A campaign, which is targeting to make Turkish biggest city of Istanbul one of the favorite Tulip cities, had been put in place by the initiative of Istanbul Discreet but proud: the Armenians of Istanbul ISTANBUL: Yasmin Rostomyan makes no big outward show … Read more