A few days in Helsinki, after 11 years

I had the best of memories of Helsinki. 11 years ago, after an intensive work period- for years- I arrived in Helsinki for a conference and spent five days of relaxation. Kai Ekholm had invited me to a librarians’ conference where I would speak on internet freedom. Thanks to Mr. Ekholm, I had the opportunity to see good parts of the national library. I could not meet with him this time, and I did hang around with my colleagues from Turkey. I could also see Selçuk, one of my earliest students, who lives here with two children.

Ramazan is a maker and he told us their activities in Turkey and the 3D printer movement that served the health industry during the Covid lockdown.  

I was with my colleagues for an EU COST project, GRADE meeting, in Turku. After visiting a heavy metal heaven, Music Hunter, having coffee, and writing this post in Roasberg, right opposite Helsin Train Station, I am ready to fly back to Istanbul.

I have seen most of Helsinki before but not this amazing church: Temppeliaukion Church

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