My new publication: “Metaverse and Diversity”

My chapter, Metaverse and Diversity, is now published in this edited volume: The Future of Digital Communication The Metaverse

If you want to look at the chapter’s pre-publication version, here is the link.


What are some of the risks associated with a lack of diversity in the metaverse?

The risks associated with lack of diversity in the metaverse include the reproduction of gendered roles, harassment and derogatory statements towards women users, and the possibility of bias in big tech. The lack of diversity among developers and decision-makers in infrastructural personnel, the big data used, and software implementations is also a recurring theme in public debates.

How can corporations appeal to diverse users and stakeholders in the metaverse?

The corporations can appeal to a diverse range of users and stakeholders in the metaverse by prioritizing diversity and inclusion in their leadership and workforce. They can also make the metaverse more accessible to users with disabilities and neurodiverse people. Additionally, corporations can engage with diversity authentically and avoid “diversity-washing” by promoting diversity and inclusion as a core value, not just a marketing strategy. [T2, T3]

What are some potential benefits of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and society?

Several potential benefits of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and society. These include increased productivity, attracting talent, creating societal benefits, generating industry-leading profitability, and contributing more to charitable funds. Additionally, companies with more non-white workers in management roles have been found to produce more substantial cash flow, profit, revenue, return on equity, and stock performance.



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