My contributions to Google Maps passed 100M views. Here are the top 10 viewed places

I am a hidden Google Maps influencer (!). I save places to see, visit them, upload pictures, and sometimes write reviews. Here are my ten most viewed pictures there. On the top left-hand side, you can see the place names.



Google Local Guides is a program by Google that allows users to contribute reviews, photos, and other details about businesses and landmarks in their local communities[1]. It was originally launched as Google City Experts in 2013 and later expanded and rebranded as Google Local Guides in 2015[1]. The program has grown into a global community of over 100 million people who use their local knowledge to answer questions, share photos, and post online reviews[1].

Here are some key points about Google Local Guides:

  • Purpose: The program aims to improve Google Maps by providing accurate and up-to-date information about local businesses and attractions[3].
  • Membership: Anyone with a Google account can sign up to be a Local Guide[1].
  • Contributions: Local Guides can contribute by writing reviews, uploading photos, checking facts, editing Google My Business listing information, and adding missing places to Google Maps[2][3].
  • Influence: Google Local Guides have become important local influencers, as consumers trust information shared by peers rather than brands[3].
  • Rewards: Local Guides can earn points and badges for their contributions, and there are perks associated with reaching different levels in the program[4].
  • Controversies: Some argue that the Local Guides program has flaws and can be misused or abused[2][5]. However, the program continues to be popular and valuable for many users.

To join the Google Local Guides program, you can sign up through the Google Maps Local Guide page and start contributing in less than a minute[1]. By sharing your local knowledge and experiences, you can help improve the accuracy and usefulness of Google Maps for others in your community[6].


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