Duygu Karataş: “How Oppo­si­tion works. On the upco­ming Elec­ti­ons in Turkey (2023)” #TurkeyElection

Part 4 of the Blogseries about the elections in Turkey in May 2023. Find part 1part 2 and part 3 here.

In this post, we will discuss the social media strategies of the opposition parties until the elections from November till May both based on interviews and online ethnographic work by presenting social media activities and materials of the political parties and leaders.

Rigging the Vote Won’t Be Easy for Erdogan

Ahead of Turkey’s election, civil society organizations have mobilized a record number of volunteers to monitor and protect the polls.

Groups Blast Right-Wing Government Control of Internet Ahead of Turkey Elections

An Erdogan Loss in Turkey Would Stir Relief in the West and Anxiety in Moscow

Twitter blocks some content in Turkey ‘to remain accessible’ a day before elections

Turkish opposition accuses Russia of election interference days before vote

‘We’re against LGBT’: Erdoğan targets gay and trans people ahead of critical Turkish election

‘Infrastructure work’ at leading mobile operator on the election day raises concerns

Kılıçdaroğlu says won’t be intimidated by pro-Erdoğan ‘paramilitary groups’

The forgotten earthquake survivors who could decide Turkey’s election – video

How Turkey’s Opposition Seeks to Swing Diaspora Voters

Turkey elections: Young voters who could decide Turkey’s future

Turkey’s Democratic Resilience

What’s at stake for women in Turkey’s election

Erdogan’s Support Is Shakiest in Turkey’s Quake Belt

Turkey election: Kremlin rejects accusations of interference

Turkey election: Opposition dares to dream of Erdogan defeat

Turkey’s elections: What are the key alliances promising?

Hürcan Aslı AksoySalim Çevik

Possible transfer of power in Turkey: Would Erdoğan concede defeat?

As Turkey heads to the polls on May 14, many fear that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan might not respect the election results if he is defeated. Aslı Aksoy and Salim Çevik argue that a violent rejection of the transfer of power is unlikely.

Erdogan’s opponents vow fresh start on Turkish human rights – Reuters

Critics see 2013 as a turning point for rights in Turkey, when protests against government plans to build a shopping mall in Istanbul’s Gezi Park

Why Muslim Feminists Are Turning Against President Erdoğan – TIME

Earlier that year, as the Gezi Park anti-government protests swept across Turkey, he had co-opted them as a constituency, describing them as “ou

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