Kılıçdaroğlu videos making waves and a British-Iraqi Jihadist gets mad

Settled in Britain, he has all the confidence to imply a call for the massacre of Alevis. If not ISIS, he is a Jihadist close to the Syrian jihadist mentality (ihvan?) He is also confident because he contributed to many Western media and established himself as an “expert.”

I have seen some fellows like him who get Western think tanks’ support and base their expertise on Western terminology but continue to promote authoritarian regimes in the non-West. Mr. Abdulrazaq is different from the others as his arguments are pretty aggressive.   He uses Twitter as a weapon and uses straw-man tactics to insult his critics.

He does not work for TRT World but seems to have regularly contributed. There are claims that TRT people are deleting, but I saw at least one case he contributed here. If you go to this site:, You will be directed to the home page. But record on 19 April shows that he contributed regularly:

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