Finland entering NATO, Conservatives win the elections… #Europe agenda

The recent Finnish parliamentary elections have resulted in the ruling centre-right party suffering a defeat, with the Social Democrats emerging as the largest party. The Social Democrats secured 40 seats, followed by the anti-immigration Finns Party with 39. The Centre Party, which had been in power, won only 31 seats. The Green League ended fourth with 20 seats, while the Left Alliance and the Swedish People’s Party both won 16 seats. The election had seen a high turnout of over 72%. As no single party secured a majority, a coalition government will need to be formed. The Social Democrats are expected to head the negotiations with other parties. It is also noteworthy that the election saw a record number of women being elected to the Parliament with women now occupying 47% of the seats.

Sanna Marin defeated by Finland’s conservatives in tight race

Sanna Marin was pleased with her party’s performance but it was Petteri Orpo’s night- AFP

Turkey’s parliament has approved a bill to allow Finland to join Nato, clearing the way for Helsinki to join the western defence alliance as war rages in Ukraine.

The Turkish parliament was the last among the 30 members of the alliance to ratify Finland’s membership, after Hungary’s legislature approved a similar bill earlier this week.

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