Rulers more interested in saving the image- more than 300 sites along with the popular Ekşi Sözlük banned

The Turkish government creates another hero. Ekşi Sözlük has long left caring about the users. Most of its early community features disappeared recently. It is a very commercial site but still on the opposition side, and some Aktrolls consistently targeted the site despite increasing concessions. The ban will probably last for a while, but I expect the site will return soon.

Türkiye blocks access to popular social media platform Ekşi Sözlük

Turkey fines broadcasters for coverage critical of earthquake response

FEBRUARY 6 EARTHQUAKES: Türkiye’s media authority fines three TV outlets over earthquake coverage

Türkiye blocks access to Kurdish-focused websites, including Rudaw

Marmara Earthquake | Xavier Le Pichon

Türkiye’s earthquake death toll climbs to 42,310

In Turkey telecommunications watchdog blocks access to popular website Ekşi Sözlük

‘Sorry, we thought you were thieves’: Refugee recounts attack during quake rescue efforts

In photos: Military helicopters deployed to rescue cats trapped in Diyarbakır residential complex

Turkish Builders Come Under Intense Scrutiny Over Shoddy Construction

Post-earthquake debris waste rises like a “mountain”

Earthquake aftermath threatens uneasy coexistence at Turkish-Syrian border

Minister: Earthquakes left over 164,000 buildings collapsed, severely damaged in Türkiye

Türkiye detains 138 people over social media posts about earthquak

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