Strange days. Political polarization overshadows the #TurkeyEarthquake tragedy

There is just too much anger, misinformation, and overwhelming use of social media, and I began to think the angry noise shadows the tragedy.

AFAD: 31,643 people lost their lives in Feb. 6 earthquakes

One Week After Turkey-Syria Earthquake, Relief Efforts Stymied

FEBRUARY 6 EARTHQUAKES: AFAD earthquake drill scenario becomes reality on February 6

,‘We Are Freezing’: Many Earthquake Survivors Remain Without Shelter

Why anger is growing in Turkey a week after catastrophic earthquakes – podcast

Four-legged rescue workers do not go unnoticed in Turkey’s search and rescue operations

Isolation and Resignation in Turkish Villages Hit by Earthquake

‘Its so cold’: Earthquake aid eludes many in southeastern Turkey

Drone footage shows Turkey earthquake destruction – before and after

Head of AFAD showing off his archery skills:



A Twitter flood that lists the cases (mostly against the refugees) here

Communication office in Ankara working hard to monitor social media based complaints and provocations against the government.

‘What shall we do?’ Millions displaced in Turkey and Syria after earthquake

Tens of thousands still missing after Monday’s earthquake in Syria and Turkey

Syria earthquake aid held up as millions suffer in freezing conditions

In Turkey, the state resorts to censorship majeure

‘Only bones left’: Turkey families look for remains as hopes fade

Earthquake Shatters Rebuilt Lives of Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Lawyers’ Solidarity in Earthquake on acts of violence in earthquake-hit areas


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