Southeasth Turkey Earthquake. 10 February 2023. Live blog


2023 Gaziantep earthquake- Wikipedia entry

Turkey leader acknowledges earthquake relief problems as death …

Humanitarian response to the 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake

Search and rescue after an earthquake, illustrated

FEBRUARY 6 EARTHQUAKES: Call for psychologists in four languages

‘It’s all chaos’: Salisbury woman’s search for missing brother in Turkey

‘No More Antakya’: Turks Say the City, and a Civilization, Was Wiped Out

Turkey-Syria earthquake: Freezing weather adds to despair as quake toll passes 21,000

In Turkey, a Parking Lot Becomes an Open-Air Morgue After Earthquake

‘What happens, happens’: how Erdoğan’s earthquake response tarnished his brand

Drone footage shows large faultline in southern Turkey after earthquakes – video



Aktrolls began to attack Ahbap , one of the leading charity organizations. Aktrolls are more interested in saving face -on behalf of the government- than saving citizens.


Death toll rises to over 18 thousand in Türkiy

Ministry starts call center for unattended children after the earthquake

Parliament approves 3-month state of emergency in 10 quake-hit regions

Death toll rises, rescues dwindle in earthquake aftermath

Friday briefing: How this week’s earthquake worsens north-west Syria’s desperate humanitarian crisis

What the Earthquake Destroyed in the Heart of One Turkish City

With So Many Dead in Turkey, Families Forced to Rush Funeral Rites

Geological impact of Turkey-Syria earthquake slowly comes into focus

No room for the dead as cemeteries in earthquake-hit Turkey and Syria fill up



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