Economy in shambles, the government responds with a new housing projects

Based on previous housing projects, citizens may be trapped in a never-ending mortgage cycle. Let’s see…

Over 225,000 people have applied for the housing project, which aims to help low-income citizens own houses and tackle problems regarding property prices and rents, on the first day of its launch, Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum has said.

POLL Turkish inflation seen breaching 81% in Aug, falling to 71% by end-2022 | Reuters

ISTANBUL, Aug 31 (Reuters) – Turkey’s annual inflation is expected to exceed 81% in August after the central bank delivered an unexpected rate cut

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Whether on a date or at a family gathering, one topic of conversation is on everyone’s lips in Turkey: the country’s deepening economic crisis. There are several angles to the story. While Erdoğan’s government argues that the country is in an “economic war” against enemies, the opposition blames it on corruption fuelled by the leading party.

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