Turkish state seems to have a complete control over the user data #BTKGate

The police attacked the mourners of Suruc Massarcre. photo credit: Erdem Şahin / EPA

Poll: Turkey’s ruling alliance losing against opposition

The ruling People’s Alliance has been losing the majority in the parliament, while opposition parties have increased their

Will Istanbul’s mayor be Erdoğan’s nemesis – or banned from politics?


Ekrem İmamoğlu appears well placed to take on the Turkish president, but an impending court case could end his career

In a bright, sunlit conference room, Istanbul’s mayor, Ekrem İmamoğlu, crosses his arms and leans back in his chair. Deputies flip through a slideshow showing images of the city’s public squares. “The work should be visible,” İmamoğlu presses them, in reference to plans to revamp a square in the outlying district of Bakırköy, after demanding faster progress on another in the conservative neighbourhood of Üsküdar. “I’m already scheduled to walk through that site next week,” he says.

The signboard of the “Saab” restaurant, which serves Arabic and African meals in Ankara, had to change its colors after police intervention. The signboard was previously yellow, red, and green, which are the colors of the Union of African States flag.

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