#Europe agenda: “EU grants Ukraine candidate status

‘A good day for Europe’: EU grants Ukraine candidate status

EU’s 27 nations unanimously voted for Ukraine candidate status in a moral victory for the war-torn country.

France forced to import electricity as air-conditioners and fans switched on for record heatwave.

In pictures: Europe swelters in blistering June heat

Temperatures soar as scientists warn heatwaves are striking earlier in the year due to climate change.

Frustrated Finland, Blocked from NATO by Turkey, Practices Patience

Finnish and Swedish hopes of being accepted as applicants by next week’s NATO summit meeting have been dashed

Ukraine writes its history daily, and approving the Istanbul Convention is one of the most …

emphasized Mr Steen Nørlov. Ukraine signed the Istanbul Convention on 7 November 2011. During all this time, the Council of Europe supports Ukraine in

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