From age 5 to 76, number of tortured citizens reaches last 30 years’ record in Turkey…

According to the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey’s recent report

According to the HRFT Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers Report, torture spilled over into the streets again in 2021. 7 out of 10 people who were tortured during the detention period stated that they were tortured on the street or during public demonstrations. The number of people who applied to the HRFT due to torture and ill-treatment during the year reached a peak in the last 30 years.

Turkey’s plan to forcibly relocate Syrian refugees gains momentum

President Erdoğan presses on with move by leveraging his Nato veto over Nordic states’ accession Turkey’s plan to expand

RTÜK fines TV outlets for broadcasting opposition leader’s video about Erdoğan

Upon complaints by ENSAR Foundation and TÜRGEV, Turkey’s watchdog has fined TELE1, KRT, Halk TV, and Flash TV for

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