Naval mines in the Bosphorus as “Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks Enter a New Phase in Istanbul

Two naval mines diffused in three days, minister responds to rumors blaming Ukraine

After a mine that was seen in the Bosphorus, the Underwater Defense teams have diffused a mine near Turkey’s

Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks Enter a New Phase in Istanbul

“All the world is expecting good news from you,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in greeting the Russian and Ukrainian delegations.

Erdoğan addresses negotiators from Russia, Ukraine as talks start in İstanbul

Turkey is ready to host the presidents of the two countries, Erdoğan said at the meeting where Roman Abramovich is also

Russia vows to ‘radically reduce’ military activity in northern Ukraine

Potentially significant move comes as Moscow says ‘meaningful’ progress has been made at Istanbul peace talks Russia-

Turkey defuses mine after Russia warns of strays from Ukraine ports – TODAY

… setting off a loud explosion north of Istanbul, days after Russia warned several of them had washed away from Ukrainian ports

Turkey finds ‘mine-like object’ floating off Black Sea | Reuters

ISTANBUL, March 26 (Reuters) – Turkish authorites have warned vessels to stay away as a dive team inspects a “mine-like object” found floating

Under Putin’s media crackdown, Russian journalists flee to Turkey – NPR

Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the cities now hosting Russians who have fled their country since the start of the invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine’s Digital Ministry Is a Formidable War Machine

A government department run by savvy tech “freaks” has become a surprise defense against Russia.

The Destabilizing Effects of Even Low-Quality Deepfakes

We’ve seen an ominous trickle of subtle yet impactful incidents that largely slipped under the radar.

Why Ukraine war misinformation is so hard to police | CNN



In recent weeks, for example, clips from video games and scenes from old wars presented as views from Ukraine’s front

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