An article on “The Coffeehouses in Istanbul” [in the old days]

Mavi Boncuk | The Cofeehouse That Looks for Its Past 

 Popular literature about the coffee houses in Istanbul are mostly in Turkish and it is part of the nostalgia trend in recent years. There are many books about the nostalgia for the private daily life of Istanbul. These include the memoirs of authors from the late 1800s and early 1900s like Ali Rıza Bey, Abdülaziz Bey and Mehmet Tevik. In this mythical historytelling style have a central role in the nostalgic Istanbul’s sociologically interlayered structure. Burçak Evren’s Cofee houses of Old Istanbul, Taha Toros’s Story of Cofee, Levent Kavas’s Cofee and Narghile are books that either created the trend or came to be as the byproducts of this trend. Of course, before this recent increase in popularity, there were pioneering studies about coffeehouses concerning their many features, but they were repetitive and, without methodology non-systematic.

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