Ukraine resists. An information war happens alongside…

Tech Stands With Ukraine

Crowdsourced list of IT companies supporting Ukraine

Russia’s cyberwarfare remains limited, while Ukraine is crowdsourcing its own

Is Ukraine’s cyberspace immunized or is worst yet to come? Originally published on Global Voices A screenshot from Today’s
Companies leaving the Russian Market.

Companies leaving the Russian Market.
by u/Tbonewiz in coolguides

TikTok Was Designed for War

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine plays out online, the platform’s design and algorithm prove ideal for the messiness of war—but a nightmare for the

The German investigative nonprofit Correctiv just launched a tracker to monitor worldwide sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. It’s available in English and German and updated several times a day.

“This creates transparency around the most important tool the West has in the current crisis,” Justus von Daniels, editor-in-chief of Correctiv, told me.

Ukraine: The information war

We analyse the frenetic coverage of the war in Ukraine, and the double standards and racism seen in some outlets.
About 150 journalists have reportedly left the country amid increasing pressures on journalists because of the war.

Ukraine: Documenting the war on TikTok

Valerisssh has posted videos online of her standing outside shelled buildings.

The majority of mainland Chinese people have embraced Russian war propaganda

Originally published on Global Voices


China state-fund media outlet Global Times followed its Russian counterpart in distributing the fabricated report on Ukraine President Zelensky’s escape. Image curated from screenshot of Austin Ramzy’s tweet.

A War of Digital Firsts

The War in Ukraine has been substantially impacted by digital technologies. In fact, it has been a war of many firsts, and there is little doubt that Ukraine’s innovative use of digital technologies will alter the nature of modern conflict. Ukraine’s approach during the war thus far has not rested on employing new technologies but, rather, on using existing technologies in innovative ways. Moreover, the Ukrainian government is not the only actor to employ technologies in new ways. Media actors and social media networks have also proven innovative during this war. In this blog post I review a few of these “digital firsts”.

Russia is having less success at spreading social media disinformation (for now)

This article was originally published in Scientific American . It is being republished with permission. Days after Russia invaded

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