Wikipedia entries that cover the Russian invasion of Ukraine


2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

International reactions to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russian–Ukrainian information war

Russo-Ukrainian War

List of international military aid of Russo-Ukrainian War

Battle of Kyiv (2022)

2022 anti-war protests in Russia

Protests against the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

Battle of Kharkiv (2022)

Attack on Snake Island

List of military engagements during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine


Map: Which countries are accepting Ukrainian refugees?

Nearly 120,000 people have fled Ukraine into Poland and other neighbouring countries, the UN has said.
In the age of information warfare, journalists must take extra precautions when reporting breaking news. We rounded up resources for fact-checking and trauma reporting

How Digital Diplomacy is Shaping the #Ukraine Crisis

Digital diplomacy is not a new phenomenon. Beginning in the 1990s, foreign ministries (MFAs) sought to adopt

The age of social media is the age of total transparency. Studies have found that the more personal a tweet or Facebook post, the more a user bares his soul, the more Likes they will garner. And as social media users wish to be seen and Liked, they become accustomed to sharing all facets of private life. On Twitter, users publish their successes and failures, marriages and divorces, Bar Mitzvahs and miscarriages. A notable example is a university professor who became a viral sensation when sharing a CV of his failures. This professor was Liked and Re-Tweeted to stardom because of his willingness to embrace the norm of transparency.

Ukrainian mapping tool taken offline by DDoS attack

Liveuamap, a tool journalists and relief organizations have used to follow the conflict in Ukraine, was the target of a DDoS attack earlier today that lasted approximately 18 hours, according to The New York Times. The website was founded in 2014 by Ukrainian journalists and software developers and mainly operates out of the Eastern European country. At 12:48PM ET, Liveuamap said its website was slowly coming back online with help from Cloudflare. The company’s mobile app was still experiencing some issues at the time.


The Russian Oligarch Jets Twitter account purports to show the comings and goings of jets and helicopters owned by Russian billionaires as they take off and land in London, Abu Dhabi, St. John’s, Dubai, and Munich. One wonders what kinds of cargo are being loaded onto the planes. — Read the rest

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