That’s real:( “Rents in #Istanbul leap 98 percent

Home rents in Istanbul increased by 97.7 percent in January from the same month of last year, a study has shown.

Istanbul fifth city in world with highest traffic density – Turkey News

Istanbul has been ranked the fifth metropolis across the globe and the second in Europe with the highest traffic density, with Russia’s capita

Istanbul Mayor Turns to Tradition as Poverty Surges

Istanbul’s opposition mayor, Ekrem Imamoglu, is turning to tradition to alleviate soaring poverty and an ailing economy. His efforts have enhanced .

Experts warn of risks from growing population density in Istanbul – Turkey News

Istanbul is underprepared for its booming population, and the sustainability of urban life will be at risk if the population continues to increase

Istanbul’s New Cruise Terminal—And District—Is Pointing The Way To A Better Future – Forbes

WIth Galataport, Istanbul found a way to create an entire new neighborhood along with its multi-billion new underground terminal.

The best neighborhoods in Istanbul – Lonely Planet

Istanbul’s distinct neighborhoods each give the visitor a different … Young Muslim woman in the courtyard of Suleymaniye mosque in Istanbul,

Istanbul Sees Hundreds Protesting Price Hikes – YouTube

Hundreds of protesters took to Turkey’s Istanbul streets rallying against price hikes and the ongoing economic crisis, as the country currently .
A 262-year-old mansion along the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul will be sold via a court order.

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