Snowstorm in #İstanbul shuts down the city; government fails but accuses the opposition municipality… Such impudence…

Pro-government trolls were quite active in blaming the mayor, İmamoğlu- I have to admit I do not like him much but still better than his accusers- but the fault is mostly due the government nepotism and failures.  I should remind you that government-operated intercity highways between İstanbul-Ankara are not accessible at the moment. Much touted İstanbul Airport cannot operate due to the snowstorm and the roof of a cargo building there collapsed… As we have destroyed their life-worlds, not wild boars can be seen in some neighbourhoods. My take is from Maslak, last night:

wild boar yaban domuzu in istanbul

Heavy snowfall in İstanbul: Airports and highways closed

Amid heavy snowfall in İstanbul, İstanbul Airport has been closed until 1 pm and Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airports until 4 am today, January 25. Entries to İstanbul through the TEM highway from Anatolia and Thrace have also been stopped.

Snowstorm blankets eastern Mediterranean closing airports, schools and vaccination centres

Istanbul airport was forced to shut down while motorists were trapped in cars around Athens as rare heavy snow falls

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