State of Turkish justice: “Court acquits 12 people who attacked fashion designer Barbaros Şansal (@barbarosansalfn)

In the trial over the attempted lynch against fashion designer Barbaros Şansal at İstanbul Atatürk Airport in 2017, 12 of the 13 defendants have been acquitted. One defendant has been given a deferred fine of 2,500 lira.

From the report of the Civil Society in the Penal System Association: “In some prisons, quarantine areas are arranged as wards and prisoners stay there in large groups of 26-36 people. There are blood and urine stains on some beds and bed sheets.”
The three-day hearing of the ÇHD case began today at the Silivri Prison Complex in İstanbul.
The SES Equality and Solidarity Association has announced that the women resisting the stone quarry in Rize’s İkizdere in Turkey’s Black Sea region have been elected the “Women of the Year” in 2021.
The Ankara Medical Chamber has made a statement about the situation of children in Turkey’s prisons and underlined that the conditions that “push” children to crime must be improved first.
The Mesopotamia Women Journalists Platform released its annual report on violations of rights faced by journalist women in Turkey on January 10 Working Journalists Day: “We will raise our organized struggle in the face of violence and pressure.”
The petition titled “A Call from 1000 Women for Freedom to Aysel Tuğluk” will be open for signatures until January 12: “We can no longer stay silent when her life is blatantly put at risk. We can no longer remain mere spectators.

SUSPICIOUS DEATH IN PRISON : Appeal against non-prosecution of Garibe Gezer’s claims of rape, torture in prison

Following the decision of non-prosecution given for the investigation into deceased prisoner Garibe Gezer’s allegations of torture and sexual assault in Kandıra Prison, her lawyers have appealed to the Kandıra Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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