“Website for help against sexual violence now online in Kurdish, English, Arabic: csdestek.org

csdestek.org aims to inform those who survived sexual violence, including foreign citizens, about how they can access their rights.


82.7 percent of children use the Internet in Turkey, shows TurkStat survey

In the activities carried out on the Internet by children aged 6-15 using the Internet regularly, participation in online classes with 86.2 percent took the first place in 2021, which was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.


How Turkey’s largest fact-checking group tackles disinformation

For more than five years, Teyit has been using a variety of channels to debunk false claims in public discourse.

Turkey’s media authority fines Netflix, others for ‘immorality’

The movie “More the Merrier” was “based on a fiction in which homosexuality, incest relationships and couple swapping are intensely experienced” and was against “general morality,” according to RTÜK.

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