#Europe agenda: Disinformation behing Covid protests and fueling a Border Crisis…

Amid some legitimate concerns, misinformation and extreme views are radicalising people to violent protest.

As the nation locks down and plans a vaccine mandate, a bleak second pandemic winter risks overwhelming Europe and beyond.

Ahmed al-Raisi was chosen despite facing claims of complicity in torture by UAE security forces.

How Fake News on Facebook Helped Fuel a Border Crisis in Europe | The New York Times

After more than a week sleeping in a frigid encampment on the border between Belarus and Poland, and an abortive foray across the frontier repelled by pepper spray and police batons, Mohammad Faraj gave up this month and retreated to a warm hotel in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

Petr Fiala was appointed by a president who is in self-isolation after testing positive for coronavirus.

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