A weekend in Batman, Turkey

I was invited to a local journalism training program in Batman. The organizer was Batman Sonsöz daily, which is the most rated local one in Turkey. I did not know that Batman is one of the cities where local journalism is relatively powerful. It is known for Turkey’s rare oil extraction program since the 1950s. And unfortunately in the 1990s, the city was notorious for extrajudicial killings by the para-military forces, Turkish Hizbullah and PKK. The city seems to be recovering from those dark days. I was so happy to see that there are many committed journalists who see their work as a craft. I met journalists from Siirt and Mardin who attended the program. No need to say, Sonsöz daily officials were great hosts.

Ercan Atay, the owner of Batman Sonsöz, is a committed journalist.
On the hand side, Prof. Özcan Yağcı. We see here a master and his former apprentice. I could not get his name but let me note that Mr. Atay learnt his journalism craft from this old gentleman in the beginning.
Hatice Türkan is an award-winner woman journalist in the region.
Batman Sonsöz at work
We paid a visit to the “new” Hasankeyf. AKP government transported the 12,000-old city to the other side of the river in order to build a dam.
Zeynel Bey Tomb. Again transplanted.
Well, to my luck, President Erdoğan was also in town:)
A visual dedicated to Batman’s famous wanderer now passed away Brako.

Our program in the local press:

Batman Sonsöz

Batman Express

Batman Güncel

Batman Gap

Fragments here:


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