One wonders why: “Europeans lose confidence in the EU, see Turkey as main rival

According to the report titled “Confidence Crisis: How Europeans See Their Place in the World” published by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) on June 9, the European Union’s response to the Coronavirus Pandemic has shaken confidence in Brussels’ crisis management capabilities. According to the report, an important aspect for Turkey is that many people in Europe see Turkey as the main rival of the EU rather than China.

Portugal enters Euro football tournament with support from Angolan and Brazilian artists

The video already reached nearly three million views on YouTube.

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Video ‘Vamos com Tudo’ – YouTube Portuguese Football Federation – screenshot.

Since its June 11 kickoff, Europe has been home to one of the most important international football competitions after the Club World Cup — the Euro.

On November 7, 2020, around a thousand people gathered in Madrid to protest against the Spanish government’s Covid-19 restrictions. The demonstration was staged by the activist group Police for Freedom. Alongside far-right elements stood natural health advocates, conspiracy theorists, UFO enthusiasts and members of the dissident Chinese religious sect Falun Gong. Also present was the YouTuber and serving national police officer Jandro Lión, an activist with the Spanish far-right party Vox. Aside from him, the media reported, only a handful of actual police took part.

NSA spying row: Denmark accused of helping US spy on European officials

Denmark’s secret service is accused of helping the US target politicians such as Germany’s Angela Merkel.

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