Aktrolls love humiliating imagery over the rivals, now they get one by FT editors… A foreign policy roundup…

As Biden Meeting Nears, Erdogan Softens His Stance

With Trump gone and Turkey’s economy in crisis, the country’s strongman president is now trying to placate Western leaders rather than antagonize them. But how far can he be pushed?
The US president will meet several leaders “to highlight America’s commitment to restoring our alliances.”
NATO is powerful only with Turkey and without it, the alliance is not that strong, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, citing Ankara as among the top five nations within the security institutions which is fully fulfilling all the NATO missions, in remarks ahead of the alliance’s summit in mid-June.
Interpol has been rejecting red notice requests by Turkey that it considers “political.”

ECTHR RULING ON KAVALA: Council of Europe ‘to initiate infringement proceedings against Turkey’

Examining Turkey’s failure to execute the ECtHR judgement on Kavala, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has expressed its determination to “ensure the implementation through all means, including infringement proceedings.”

With what preparations is Turkey going to the NATO Summit?

Turkey attaches great importance to the NATO summit, which will be held in Brussels on June 14, to seize the opportunity to directly communicate with US President Joe Biden. It is estimated that the meeting will last 30-40 minutes at best. However, as much as the content of the meeting, the photograph of Erdoğan-Biden to be given before and after the meeting is especially important for Turkey’s domestic politics. As a matter of fact, the image that Turkish President Erdoğan will give to the domestic political sphere that the relations with Joe Biden are going well, is important.

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