Anthropocene, Turkey style

Ethnographic maps of European Turkey

 Mavi Boncuk | Ethnographic map of European Turkey from 1877. Author Carl Sax, Austro-Hungarian diplomat in Adrianople.

Source: The Bulgarians in their historical, ethnographical and political frontiers. (Atlas with 40 maps.) Preface by D. Rizoff, Minister of Bulgaria in Berlin. Königliche Hoflithographie, Hof-Buch- und Steindruckerei, Wilchelm Greve, 1917.

Greenpeace Mediterranean has made a simulation showing how PM2.5 travels across the country.

Turkey has activated a “vaccine ID card” through the Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) system, an online application keeping track of COVID-19 contacts, as vaccine passports are expected to be put into practice when traveling to European Union countries.

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