Tell us something we don’t know: The State Department of the United States report- “Freedoms restricted, rule of law compromised in Turkey”

US report: Freedoms restricted, rule of law compromised in Turkey

US Department of State has released its 2020 country report on human rights practices in Turkey, listing a series of violations of rights including “torture”, “limited steps to investigate and penalize members of security forces” and “violence against minorities.

International Press Institute has addressed an open letter to the President of the European Council ahead of EU leaders’ meeting this week and called on the European Council to prioritize press freedom in Turkey.

WOMEN IN POLITICS 2021: Turkey 129th out of 188 countries in women’s parliamentary representation

UN Women has released a map on women’s representation in parliaments, ministerial positions and at the highest levels of executive power.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu on March 23 separately met with his French and U.K. counterparts in Brussels to discuss regional issues.

The convention pledges to eliminate domestic violence and promote gender equality


Photo by European Parliament, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

On March 20, Turkey announced it will withdraw from the Istanbul Convention over what it calls the treaty’s “normalization of homosexuality.”

The Istanbul Convention is a legally-binding human rights treaty of the Council of Europe pledging to prevent, prosecute and eliminate domestic violence and promote gender equality. It was open to signature in 2011 and has been signed by 45 states.

French President Emmanuel Macron claimed that Turkey was “attempting to interfere” in his country’s next presidential election in 2022 while also stressing that Paris must work with Ankara.

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