Dark Saturday is followed by a Black Monday as Turkish Lira falls 14% #dolar

The Central Bank governor has been replaced with a pro-government economist advocating lower interest rates.

Turkish lira falls 14% after bank governor sacked

The outgoing central bank chief is the third exit in under two years under Turkey’s President Erdogan.

Lira could plunge 15%, analysts warn, after Turkey’s president risks destabilising fragile economy with removal of governor

Sacked governor Agbal had raised interest rates to rein in inflation; analysts fear new chief may reverse rate hikes.

Some more news from the Dark Saturday as this man-made crisis grows:

The White House – Mar 21, 7:31 AM

To search this site, enter a search term Briefing Room • Statements and Releases Turkey’s sudden and unwarranted withdrawal from the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence

Exclusive] EU report on Turkey includes possible tourism sanctions

Europe should be ready to kick Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan where it hurts (in his economy) if he goes back to his gas-drilling piracy in the Mediterranean,
Top European Union officials have made statements about Turkey’s withdrawal from the İstanbul Convention by the decree of President and ruling AKP Chair Erdoğan; they have urged the country to reverse its decision.
Stripped of MP status on March 17, HDP’s Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu was keeping a “Justice Watch” at the Parliament. He has been detained as part of a new investigation.
Women have taken to the streets to protest the Presidential decree withdrawing Turkey’s signature from the İstanbul Convention. They have once again underlined that the convention saves lives.
Erdoğan replaces Central Bank governor following interest rate hike

Stepping back from the lower interest rate policy, Ağbal has been dismissed only four-and-a-half months after his appointment.
INTERNATIONAL REACTIONS: Withdrawal from İstanbul Convention ‘full backsliding in human rights’

Shortly after the Presidential decree foreseeing Turkey’s withdrawal from the İstanbul Convention was published in the
Government takes over Gezi Park from İstanbul Municipality, hands it over to ‘non-existent’ foundation

The decision was intended to prevent the new Taksim Square project, the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality has said.
Turkey’s symbolic Gezi Park’s ownership switched to the government | Ahval

Istanbul’s symbolic Gezi Park that landmarked the biggest demonstrations in 2013 against Turkey’s…

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