Snow covers the ancient Acropolis hill in Athens, Tuesday, Feb.16, 2021. Unusually heavy snowfall has blanketed central Athens, with authorities warning residents particularly in the Greek capital's northern and eastern suburbs to avoid leaving their homes. (Antonis Nikolopoulos/Eurokinissi via AP)

#Europe agenda: Let’s see: “IKEA will help turn a Swedish city into a sustainable community

IKEA is moving beyond the confines of the eco-friendly home to work on sustainable urban living. The flat-pack giant is partnering with the municipality of Helsingborg in its native Sweden on a green community project, known as H22, that takes in agr…
An amateur artist and volunteers create possibly the largest snow-drawing the country has ever seen.

France’s elite confronted by sexual abuse scandals

Revelations about sexual assaults and incest hit the reputation of France’s intellectual elite.
In pictures: Greece’s Acropolis blanketed in snow

The snowfall is some of the heaviest seen in the Greek capital for years.

‘Historic victory’: France found liable for climate inaction

Landmark case saw NGOs accuse French state of failure to take sufficient measures to halt climate change.
What is being done to ensure the world’s poorest countries have access to COVID-19 vaccines?

[Analysis] The EU’s vaccine strategy – the key points

As the EU Commission gets entangled in a dispute with one of the vaccine producers and gets heat for the perceived slow roll-out of the vaccines, we take a look at what the EU has done and not done.

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