Great work: “What Parler Saw During the Attack on the Capitol

Did You Know? Fun Facts about Donald J. Trump

Boing Boing by Ruben Bolling

Tom the Dancing Bug – Did You Know? Fun Facts About Donald J. Trump

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Following President Joe Biden‘s inauguration, the White House‘s  official website has promptly re-instated a Spanish version of its website. ¡Por fin! For those wondering, @WhiteHouse already has a Spanish-language page up. — Julio Ricardo Varela (@julito77) January 20, 2021 As noted by Julio Ricardo Varela of Latino Rebels the Spanish page is directly accessible from the White House website’s main menu, or at T
Parler video feed of the mob at the Capitol

As you probably know, there was a big Parler data scrape before the app and site went down. ProPublica spliced Parler video posts, sorting them by time and location. The result is basically a TikTok-style video feed of what happened.


Faces of the Riot used open source software to detect, extract, and deduplicate every face from the 827 videos taken from the insurrection on January 6.
Inside Twitter’s Decision to Cut Off Trump

In Pictures: National Guard troops arrive before US inauguration

Washington, DC, is on high alert after the storming of the US Capitol and with a week left of Trump’s term.


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