Even Pandemic is not an obstacle for a crackdown on oppositional figures and the pro-Kurdish party. A roundup:

A well-known (digital) activist Taylan Kulaçoğlu detained released and detained again in 2 days…
Released from detention by the court following his deposition at the prosecutor’s office, Taylan Kulaçoğlu has been arrested after he was taken into custody again as a warrant was issued against him upon the objection of the prosecutor to his release.




In the meantime,

Right to life violated 271 times last month in Turkey, deputy says in report

 Turkey’s top court rules prisoners’ rights violated with letter confiscation The right to life was violated
CHP Istanbul chair Kaftancıoğlu’s Twitter account hacked by troll group

 The Twitter account of Canan Kaftancıoğlu, the Istanbul chair of Turkey’s main opposition Republican


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