Some Islamists love to hate resilient women. Three of them (@bernalacin35 @nevsinmengu @Canan_Kaftanci) were -again- targeted this week…

From left to right:
Canan Kaftancıoğlu (born 3 February 1972) is a Turkish physician and politician. She is the Republican People’s Party’s current provincial president in Istanbul.
Nevşin Mengü (born 2 May 1982) is a Turkish television presenter.
Berna Laçin (20 Ağustos 1970, Karşıyaka), is a Turkish movie and TV series actress and TV presenter.
These women do not back down from criticizing authoritarian governance and  Islamist bigotry. Thus they are occasionally targeted on media or on social media or through judiciary processes. Staunchly Erdoğanist Turkuvaz Medya Group announced that they will not broadcast any ads that include Ms. Laçin… Ms. Kaftancıoğlu, head of CHP’s Istanbul branch, has to visit courts regularly to defend herself against politically motivated investigations…

In other depressive news:


Turkey’s Interior Ministry removed six co-mayors from the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) May 15 in the southeastern province of Siirt, and detained the mayor of the eastern town of Iğdır.


OdaTV has published the footage that shows an officer beating Pehlivan, who was remanded in custody after reporting an intelligence officer’s death in Libya.

Duvar English

Turkey’s media watchdog head has refused to fine a pro-government channel over an Islamist commentator’s remarks on her family’s “capability” to kill at least 50 people if a new coup attempt is undertaken in Turkey.

The coronavirus epidemic did not slow down the polarizing discourse in Turkish politics. The Justice & Development Party AKP government is cracking down on Republican People’s Party CHP municipalities as they have tried to organize city-wide arrangements for their residents during the outbreak, instead of abiding to national campaigns. Because of this, the term ‘parallel state’ has been on the agenda, meaning that CHP municipalities are being blamed for forming their own states within the state. AKP municipalities that have shown their own initiative during the outbreak have been spared these accusations.

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