Documentary: ‘Jazz in Turkey’

Available for free for two months.

Jazz in Turkey

Directed by Batu Akyol, “Jazz in Turkey” was premiered in 2013, with the 20th Istanbul Jazz Festival. The documentary investigates the evolutionary phases, interactions and key figures of jazz music in Turkey, taking the social history of the country as its backdrop. Featuring archival footage from the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) and striking interviews, the documentary can now be accessed on the YouTube channel of İKSV as a gesture of the foundation to celebrate 30 April, the UNESCO-proposed International Jazz Day. İKSV is a member of the General Assembly of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO, since 2018.

A photographic selection from SALT Research collections depicting everyday life in Istanbul and in several Anatolian cities can now be viewed online.

Turkish students increasingly resisting religion, study suggests

Young people likely to challenge Islam and see themselves as less religious than previous generations

Twenty-two-year old Esra, from Mersin, is even more bored than usual this Ramadan. Universities are shut and Turkey has taken the unusual step of placing under-20s, as well as over-65s, under a curfew, because many Turkish families live in intergenerational households.

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