Resistance against lock-downs, here and abroad #Covid-19 updates…

There is news that some ideologically committed Americans are out there, doing their folly. Some Germans also did their own thing in at least Berlin. I have not seen any direct action against lockdown orders in Turkey. Well, any street protests against a government order are hard to perform nowadays. Instead, some Turks, secretly, are into recreating their public spaces in makeshift formats. As far as I could observe police raids regularly some secret gatherings to play cards especially in Esenyurt, an Istanbul district. Yesterday, in Ankara, someone created Ankara’s notorious honky-tonk (pavyon)  in warehouse but could not escape from police detection:


US: Hundreds protest against coronavirus stay-at-home orders

Protests come as US deaths exceed 31,000; survey finds most Americans worry about virus restrictions lifted too
From Michigan. This image seems to become a classic.

Some people in Michigan are angry that their governor has issued a statewide stay at home order. A few North Carolinians are protesting as well. Their solution is to go into the streets with MAGA hats, Confederate flags, and assault weapons and yell about their desire to “lock her up.”

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has often been at loggerheads with opposition-

Turkey’s Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 1,890, Total Cases Top 80 Thousand

The Health Ministry has confirmed 121 deaths and 3,783 new Covid-19 cases in a day.

COVID-19 donations in Turkey overshadowed by politics

Turkey’s never-ending dispute between the government and the opposition has not spared the battle against COVID-19.

Social Distance Protest Blocks Medical Staff From Work

Town Overrun by Mountain Goats During Coronavirus Lockdown


National Library in Minsk, Belarus
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Hungary’s Disease Dictator

The free flow of information, together with public debates involving trusted experts, is crucial to managing the COVID-19

Sweden Thinks Herd Immunity Is the Answer to Coronavirus


The big lesson from South Korea’s coronavirus response


Europe Super Mario World Style, Day 12 or something
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