“Turkey confirms first case of #coronavirus #virüstürkiyede – A massive roundup…

Confirming the first case of the novel coronavirus, Minister of Health Koca has announced that “a male citizen has tested positive and been isolated,” without sharing any further information about his age, identity or province.
The Istanbul Stock Exchange’s recovery proved short-lived after the Turkish government announced…

Turkey confirms first case of coronavirus

Turkey announced its first case of the novel coronavirus on March 11 while stressing that all precautionary measures were being

COVID-19, or the coronavirus, is currently making its way across the globe. And tracking its spread has become a pastime for concerned citizens who want to see its progress across the world. If you’re one of these people, here are the most useful maps we’ve been able to find online. There are a number of apps, dashboards, and maps out there. We’ve tried to make sure the ones on this list are created from reputably-sourced data. We don’t need more misinformation about the coronavirus spreading across the internet. We’ve also only included maps that cover the whole world, as this…
It’ll sap funding and political will—but actually, it should.

Report: COACHELLA Postponed Over Coronavirus Concerns

Rage Against the Machine were to headline the festival.


BBC News – Mar 10, 3:34 PM

Health minister Nadine Dorries says she has tested positive for coronavirus and is self-isolating This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version.

How Does COVID-19 Impact Small and Medium-Sized Businesses?

In China, as in most countries, small and medium-sized enterprises are the engines of the economy. An analysis of China’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak and how it has impacted China’s economy and the global supply chain provides useful insights for the U.S. government and businesses.

An expert in human behaviour explains our reaction to coronavirus

Coronavirus Diaries: What Italy Is Like Now

I didn’t know anyone with the virus. Today I know three.

US universities switch to online courses due to coronavirus

At least a dozen US universities, colleges cancel classes and move to online instruction amid coronavirus fears.

Photos of empty public spaces in Italy

Buzzfeed has a gallery of photos of popular tourist attractions, trains, and other usually crowded places in Italy, showing how most people are staying home.

COVID-19 Empties Out Public Spaces

For the Atlantic, Alan Taylor compiled a bunch of photos of normally bustling places that are a lot emptier due to the COVID-19 crisis. This is the Grand Mosque in Mecca:

A Europa league football match played in an empty stadium (play in Italy’s Serie A league has been suspended until at least April 3):

Letter regarding MIT’s escalating response to Covid-19

The following letter was sent to the MIT community today by President L. Rafael Reif. To the members of the MIT

Coronavirus: Airlines cancel thousands of flights

Ryanair, BA and Norwegian are among carriers cancelling services as demand collapses.
Confusion and anxiety for Italy’s residents as restrictions to combat virus spread take effect.
It’s the first time in Italy’s post-war history that sweeping peacetime restrictions on daily lives have been imposed.

COVID-19 Is an Opportunity for Europe

The European Union has always advanced on the back of crises. In this sense, the COVID-19 outbreak could represent a chance for the EU to create a powerful crisis-management mechanism, which pools members’ resources and channels them toward a coordinated fiscal policy.

Opportunistic sellers are flooding the online marketplace with hastily produced e-books.

Industry analysts expect demand for air travel to hit its lowest point since the 2008 financial crisis. This year, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), carriers could lose upwards of $113 billion in revenue if coronavirus continues to spread. With demand down, some carriers have had to take the losses on the nose, electing to fly empty planes to their destinations — rather than cancelling the flight — in order to avoid losing coveted take-off and landing spots. These are known as ghost flights. At more than 200 of the world’s busiest airports, airlines are allocated specific windows…

Here’s a good video that shows how the increase in the number of Covid-19 follows an exponential growth curve. Each day, says 3Blue1Brown, the number of coronavirus cases is “between 1.15 and 1.25 of the number of cases the previous day.”

Dozens of public and private Facebook groups totaling hundreds of thousands of members have become a haven for conspiracy theories, medical equipment promotion and unproven cures.

“Manipulators will continue to use keyword squatting in private groups to seed health misinformation and scams,” BKC’s Joan Donovan said. “The platform is too big for proper moderation, especially when most people posting about coronavirus are seeking information and asking about potential cures.”

Flatten the coronavirus curve

The coronavirus can possibly infect a lot more people than there are those who can provide medical care. But if we slow the spread, and there are fewer people in need of care at the same time, the difference might be less overbearing. This version of the “flatten the curve” graphic by Alexander Radtke, first made by Rosamund Pearce for The Economist, illustrates the difference in animated form.

Coronavirus: All sport in Italy suspended because of outbreak

All sport in Italy suspended until at least 3 April because of the coronavirus outbreak, the country’s prime minister says.
Health expert: ‘Coronavirus lethality in Italy higher than China’

Leading Italian public health expert Nino Cartabellotta offers a stark perspective on coronavirus outbreak in Italy.

The novel coronavirus continues to spread around the world, with new cases being reported all the time. Spreading just as fast, it seems, are conspiracy theories that claim powerful actors are plotting something sinister to do with the virus. Our research into medical conspiracy theories shows that this has the potential to be just as dangerous for societies as the outbreak itself. One conspiracy theory proposes that the coronavirus is actually a bio-weapon engineered by the CIA as a way to wage war on China. Others are convinced that the UK and US governments introduced the coronavirus as a way…

Journalists spend much of their time on Twitter and Tweetdeck, looking for relevant news stories, monitoring mis- and disinformation or just gauging trending topics.

But Twitter’s interface and Tweetdeck provide only a shallow look at what is actually occurring on the platform. To better understand what is happening under the surface, such as whether a trending hashtag is being driven by inauthentic means, you need to tap into one of Twitter’s various application programming interfaces (APIs).

Fatalities and infections increase amid nationwide prison riots over measures to control the outbreak.
Pinterest is taking a proactive step to stop the spread of coronavirus-related misinformation. The company told The Verge it’s introducing a “custom search experience” to ensure its users can get reliable information when they turn to the platform fo…
Apple and Google are taking measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus misinformation from apps, according to a report from CNBC. Apple, for one, is rejecting all coronavirus-related mobile apps that aren’t from the government or official health o…

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