Joy for the Turkish Twitter and a sad day for the Pelikan trolls. The shameful #GeziTrial finally ends. All acquitted.

Probably Turkish leadership is now trapped and is looking for some kind of rapprochement with the West. I cannot imagine any good intentions from the Turkish judiciary.

Arrest warrants lifted for seven other defendants being tried over nationwide protests

A Turkish court has acquitted nine activists accused of terror charges over their alleged involvement in Istanbul’s Gezi park protests, a landmark ruling in a case that has given new hope to Turkey’s beleaguered civil society in a country where many fear the rule of law is being steadily eroded.


The case, in which participants in a 2013 demonstration were accused of seeking to overthrow the government by force, was seen as a test of opposition to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
After the court has given a ruling of acquittal for all defendants in Gezi trial, except for the ones currently abroad, several messages have been shared on social media. “Gezi has invited even the court to law”, defendant Mücella Yapıcı has said.

Acquittals are welcome but not necessarily a signal of change at heart of government

One defendant in the Gezi park trial grimly predicted the expected results of Tuesday’s hearing would be the “funeral of civil society in Turkey”. Instead, the surprise verdict led to applause and tears of joy as nine of the activists charged with terrorism offences for their alleged roles in organising the 2013 protests walked free from the Istanbul courthouse.

Announcing its ruling in the sixth and final hearing of Gezi trial, the court has ruled that the files of the defendants currently abroad shall be separated from others. The court has ruled for the acquittal of all remaining defendants of all charges.

Turkey’s president casts himself as the champion of a militant pan-Islamic revival – and is proving a thorn in the side of enemies and allies alikeThe reaction of leading Arab states to Donald Trump’s hopelessly unbalanced Middle East “peace plan”, unveiled last week, was muted and mealy-mouthed. It seems the leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE would sooner abandon the Palestinians than upset their ludicrous Iran-bashing ally in the White House.

Turkish soldiers killed as battle for control of Idlib escalates

Clash in Syrian province is rare direct confrontation against Assad troops and allied militias Eight Turkish military

Five Soldiers Killed in Syria’s Idlib

Five soldiers have been killed in an attack by Syrian government forces in Taftanaz, Idlib, where Turkey’s army recently set up
Reuters – Humeyra Pamuk and Phil Stewart – Feb 5, 2:10 AM

WASHINGTONWASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States has halted a secretive military intelligence cooperation program with Turkey that for years helped Ankara target Kurdish PKK militants, four U.S. officials told Reuters. The U.S. decision to

The prosecutor has announced his opinion as to the accusations in the trial of the 2013 Gezi Park protests.

Prosecutor seeks life sentences for three Gezi Park defendants in final legal opinion

Duvar English The Istanbul chief public prosecutor’s office has presented its final sentencing opinion (“esas hakkında

Universal Periodic Review of Turkey Starts

The review of Turkey at the UN Human Rights Council will continue until January 30.
Releasing a statement ahead of the final hearing of Büyükada trial, Amnesty International has said, “Any verdict other than an acquittal will be a chilling reminder that truth and justice have become strangers in Turkey.”

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