A short stay in Cape Town

I, my brother and two other friends went to Cape Town for a short vacation last week. Well, the other two friends, Vildan and Muzy, were clever enough to spend more time after a long flight. I and Hakan spent 4 days before we returned. Because of some unexplainable reasons, we thought the flight would take around only 6 hours when we planning the trip but it lasted more than 11 hours- Turkish Airlines has a direct flight to Cape Town but it was too expensive, so we got a longer route- and it sort of exhausted us.

Glad to see “Table Mountain” which has been selected as one of the new 7 wonders of the world…
Tired bro-talk
Loving the trees.

Still, I feel no regret to have seen this beautiful spot in the world.

Probably due to my own prejudices, I did not expect such a European and greeny setting in Cape Town. I know a lot about the colonial and apartheid periods but still, it looked too European to me. Towns near the ocean, on the other hand, looked more like Californian sites.

Filter coffee is hard to find. There are many artisan cafes but not providing filter coffee and I haven’t seen a single chain coffee store yet. That was something for me to complain about.

I continue to make reviews of places I visited in Cape Town in TripAdvisor

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