After the massacre: Armenian widows and orphans in Tarsus Archive of the German Assistance Association, Tessa Hofmann & Gerayer Koutcharian, Armenian Review, Spring/Summer, 1992, Vol. 45, No. 1-2/177-178, p. 82, Fig. 18

Decades of Turkey’s Lobbying in the US collapses as ‘Resolution Recognizing Armenian Genocide’ and heavy sanctions pass at the US House of Representatives

In the meantime,
John Oliver delivers one of his harshest:
The US House of Representatives has passed a “resolution officially recognizing Armenian genocide” by a 405-to-11 vote. Though the resolution is not legally binding, it still marks the first time that a house in US Congress has designated it as a “genocide”.
The House has voted 403-16 in favor of the bill against Turkey’s military operation in northern Syria as Republican representatives defied President Trump.

Turkey: Which countries export arms to Turkey?

Some European countries have suspended arms sales to Turkey, so where does it gets its weapons?
After Betraying the Kurds, the U.S. Isn’t Leaving Syria After All

So much for pulling out of “stupid endless wars.”

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