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#Cyberculture agenda: “Why You Should Be Getting Paid for Your Data | NYT Opinion

Why You Should Be Getting Paid for Your Data | NYT Opinion

Computer scientist and futurist Jaron Lanier has a plan to fix the internet. This Silicon Valley maverick has a radical vision for how we can all earn money from our data. Every time you click on a website — yes, even that ad right there — a company is keeping a little bit of your information, and someone somewhere is making money off of it. Lanier argues that every bit of data out there belongs to the person who created it, and if anyone should be getting paid for it, it’s you. He has a plan to make this happen….

Wikimedia Foundation – Sep 6, 9:52 PM

Today, Wikipedia was hit with a malicious attack that has taken it offline in several countries for intermittent periods. The attack is ongoing and our Site Reliability Engineering team is working hard to stop it and restore access to the site. As

The Rise of Networked Vigilante Surveillance

These new technologies prey upon familiar fears and hyper-charge them with the power of surveillance.

TikTok—Yes, TikTok—Is the Latest Window Into China’s Police State

Expat Uyghurs are gaming the social platform known for fluff to find loopholes in Xinjiang’s information lockdown.

Amazon and the All-Electric Future of Fleet Vehicles

Fleets, like the 100,000 delivery vans the retailer ordered from startup Rivian, will make electrics more commonplace and easier to charge.

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