by Beritan Canözer @beritancnzr_

After municipalities confiscated, police brutality follows…

This video is from Van today. The police seem to be lynching Kurdish protesters…

by Beritan Canözer

Turkey removes pro-Kurdish mayors, arrests more than 400

Interior ministry says it has cases against the mayors for ‘spreading propaganda’ and being members of the banned PKK.
Human Rights Watch – Aug 19, 11:00 PM

(London) – The Turkish Interior Ministry’s removal of three democratically elected mayors in the major municipalities of the Kurdish southeast and eastern regions blatantly violates the rights of voters and suspends local democracy,

Diyarbakır Bar Association Chair: Mayors’ Removal From Office a Coup Against Judiciary

Commenting on the decision on the dismissal of three metropolitan mayors, Diyarbakır Bar Association Chair Aydın has

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