Environment under attack! Some of the crisis points in Turkey…

I have made a map of ongoing environmental crisis points. This is a limited one, created out of news I have encountered. Please let me know the ones I have not pointed out yet. I have omitted forest fires as they may not be the result of ill intentions- although I suspect most of them started like that…

It seems that some are on a revenge attack on environment…

soL Haber Portalı – Aug 5, 5:15 AM

In the Kirazlı Atikhisar Basin of Çanakkale, Turkey, citizens entered into the mining site to protest the environmental destruction by the Canadian gold company Alamos Gold, its local subcontractor East Biga Madencilik and Turkish

18th Day of Ida Mountains Watch: Peaceful Protest of Civilian People Continues

Today is the 18th day of “Water and Conscience Watch” against destruction of nature in Ida Mountains. While
Reuters – Tuvan Gumrukcu – Aug 7, 2:49 AM

ANKARAANKARA (Reuters) – Canada-based Alamos Gold has pre-paid for the reforestation at its mine project in western Turkey, its chief executive told Reuters amid growing criticism, adding that it was impossible for cyanide to leak into the


Prominent musician pens open letter to UNESCO over gold mine project in northwest Turkey | Ahval

Internationally renowned musician and a former UNESCO goodwill ambassador Zülfü Livaneli on

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