Misguided justice: A social media celebrity sentenced to 6 years over promoting drug use [by praising Netflix’s Narcos]!

Turkish social media star sentenced to 6 years over promoting drug use | Ahval

A Turkish court on Friday sentenced a popular Turkish social media influencer to five years and 10-

Turkey’s Erdoğan accuses Babacan of abandoning Islamist cause with new party plans | Ahval

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Wednesday said membership in the ruling Justice and…

Turkey’s Crackdown on Academics Represses History Once Again

A campaign of silencing and prosecution is creating a vacuum at a pivotal moment.

Critics say Turkish think tank’s report on foreign media criminalises journalism | Ahval

Several journalists, foundations and journalism unions have denounced a report published by a

How Do Pro-government Media Outlets See SETA Report on Journalists?

While it is only the pro-government daily Sabah which reported on the “International Media Outlets’ Extensions in Turkey” report

Pro-AKP think tank publishes report detailing journalists working for foreign news outlets | Ahval

One of Turkey’s most influential pro-government policy think tanks has published a report on

SETA Report on Journalists to be Taken to Court, SETA Says It is a ‘Scientific Study’

Journalists’ Union of Turkey and Media and Law Studies Association have announced that they will file a criminal complaint

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