#Europe agenda: Carola Rackete, a hero. “What drives Sea-Watch captain Carola Rackete to rescue migrants?…


Carola Rackete knew what she was getting into when she decided to sail the Sea-Watch 3 rescue ship into Italian waters this week. ‘I have decided to enter the port of Lampedusa. I know what I’m risking, but the 42 rescued people are exhausted.

Activists defy Italian laws to rescue migrants at sea

Migrants continue to venture out to Italian port of Lampedusa despite country’s ‘zero tolerance’ measures, making activists’

New electric cars in Europe have to make artificial noises

Don’t be surprised if you hear more of a racket from electric cars in Europe. As of July 1st, new four-wheeled EV models in

Deadly European heatwave highlights global climate crisis

At least eight people die in France, Italy and Spain, while parts of the continent get relief from record temperatures.
Temperatures remain sizzling, rising above 40C (104F) in some areas of Spain.

European Parliament opens amid protest and discord

The UK’s Brexit Party MEPs turn their backs on the EU anthem and Catalan nationalists rally outside.
POLITICO – Jun 28, 8:57 AM

The leaders are back and have one task — to find candidates for the bloc’s senior positions. By | | Updated EU leaders are in Brussels on Sunday evening for a special European Council summit to discuss the bloc’s top jobs. At a gathering

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