More peace academics sent to prison as Turkey Ranks 152nd Among 163 Countries in the Global Peace Index 2019

Academic for Peace Sezai Ozan Zeybek has been sentenced to 1 year, 3 months in prison on charge of “propagandizing for a terrorist organization.” The announcement of the verdict has been deferred by the İstanbul 26th Heavy Penal Court.
The Australia-based Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) has released its Global Peace Index 2019. Accordingly, Turkey has ranked 152nd in the list, deteriorating by three ranks since 2018 and ranking worse than civil war-ridden Sudan.

Turkey Scores 31 out of 100 in Media Freedom

Decline in the press freedom lead the internet to be an alternative, the Freedom House report said.

ECHR fines Moldova for expelling Turkish teachers at Ankara’s request | Ahval

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) fined the Republic of Moldova on Tuesday for the…

Report on Halfeti by Urfa Bar Association: The Detained Subjected to Sexual Torture

Releasing a report on the detained in Dergili Neighborhood in Halfeti, Urfa, the Urfa Bar Association has said, “Several of the
Fox News – Hollie McKay – Jun 11, 10:35 AM

A growing chorus of international bodies and human rights activists are calling on authorities to investigate allegations of sexual, physical and psychological torture of Turkish diplomats while in custody. “On May 20, four plain-clothed

The Times – Hannah Lucinda Smith – Jun 3

A leading Turkish legal organisation has said that former diplomats arrested in a coup-related sweep are being tortured in prison. The Ankara Bar Association spoke to six former staff of the Turkish foreign ministry who were detained in the


Global Journalist – Lara Cumming – Jun 3, 11:56 AM

When Turkish journalist Arzu Yildiz reported a major scoop in 2014, she had little idea that the story might lead to the end of her journalism career, the loss of her home, and separation from her family. Yildiz, then a reporter for the Turkish


Al-Monitor – Amberin Zaman (Turkey Pulse) – Jun 4, 11:44 PM

Author: Amberin Zaman (Turkey Pulse) At least 27 former Turkish diplomats, including one woman, have been arrested as suspects in an alleged conspiracy amid mounting evidence that many of them were tortured and threatened with rape.


the Guardian

To review certain books seems like an impertinence. This is one of them. It speaks for itself with such clarity, certainty and wisdom that only one thing needs to be said: read it. And then read it again. It is a short book, divided into brief


Elif Shafak: novelist calls writers to speak up on crackdown in Turkey

Author speaks out as the regime’s prosecutors ask to examine her novels A leading Turkish novelist Elif Shafak on
Assaulted Journalist Demirağ to be Imprisoned for ‘Insulting the President’

Journalist Yavuz Selim Demirağ, who was assaulted in front of his house on May 10, will be imprisoned today to serve his 11-

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