For a few more million dollars (?), CNN International intends to keep its obviously biased Turkey partner: CNN Türk

CNN Türk has been heavily criticized since Gezi Park Protests. However, after being sold to a different media conglomerate, it passed a new threshold in pro-government bias. You will see an exemplary case, cutting opposition mayor interview, below. CNN Türk accuses critics of being activists- as if this is actually a bad thing- and its parent company CNN seems to be accepting this. Honestly, CNN should have ended its relationship after Gezi. I cannot imagine that the parent company officials are now aware of the biased coverage. I can only guess CNN does not want to miss a lucrative contract while in the US, it keeps claiming that it is a fair news channel… if you believe so.

CNN Turkey under fire for bias in Istanbul rerun

Financial TimesMay 23, 2019
CNN Turk used to be seen as “a centrist media outlet and a channel that … parliament elections, international observers from the Organisation

CNN Hit For Pro-Erdogan Bias in Turkey

Newsmax13 hours ago
CNN Turk, the media outlet licensed to use the CNN brand in Turkey is … Turner Broadcasting System International and Dogan Media Group

CNN Turk criticised for cutting opposition mayor interview

FRANCE 24May 21, 2019
CNN’s Turkish channel was criticised Tuesday after it cut short an … of CNN’sparent company, Turner Broadcasting System International, and
CNN Türk says critics are activists, not journalists – FT | Ahval

CNN Türk rejected accusations of pro-government bias and said those who criticise the Turkish…

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