Living on a lie: “organized crimes’ took place in Istanbul vote”

AKP virtually controls every stage of the election process and their leaders still claim that because of organized crimes they have lost İstanbul. Creating a total lie and then believing it. This has been happening since Gezi protests. In the old days, they used to fabricate more sophisticated lies. Now no need for sophistication…

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed almost all local election results in Istanbul were unlawful. Erdoğan added documents and video footage would be presented as evidence.

Erdogan says ‘organized crimes’ took place in Istanbul vote

The Turkish president defended his party’s plans to demand a full recount following last week’s local elections.

The Rise and Rise of the Turkish Right

The opposition parties challenging President Recep Tayyip Erdogan offer another version of the right-wing

Istanbul municipal funds transferred to AKP-affiliated foundations under spotlight

Uncertainty remains about the results of Istanbul’s local elections last Sunday, in which opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) candidate Ekrem

The Guardian view on Turkey and Erdoğan: a weakened strongman | Editorial

The opposition’s dramatic advance in local elections has sent a powerful message to the president Strongmen are not invincible.


2019 LOCAL ELECTIONS: HDP MP Paylan: Not a Single Objection by HDP is Accepted Throughout Turkey

Paylan asks, “If we were ahead of AKP by 3 votes in if they objected to these results, would the objections be accepted or not?”

Scenes from the Aftermath of March 31 Local Elections Across Turkey

A different face of March 31 Local Elections in Turkey: A village head taking down the children’s park after not being elected for

Erdogan Opponents Vow Rare Scrutiny of Istanbul’s Books

Losing Istanbul in Sunday’s election could cost Turkey’s president and his party. Opponents say they have warped the local

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