Diyarbakır, Sur. An old Kurdish woman is looking at her devastated neighborhood, where it is still forbidden to enter...

First signs of success for the opposition #TurkeyElections #Seçim2019

Diyarbakır, Sur. An old Kurdish woman is looking at her devastated neighborhood, she had to leave. via

It is still very early and hard to say anything about major cities. However, there is some certain news that some Black sea towns and a few Central Anatolian towns, where AKP always won, now won by opposition parties. That includes the hometown of Rabia Naz, of whom I also wrote about here. Turkey’s only communist party mayor of Ovacık town, Fatih Mehmet Maçoğlu, now becomes the mayor of Tunceli city. Another good sign.

Maçoğlu celebrating

As usual, there is uncomfortable news from the Kurdish cities where heavy deployment security forces make it hard to have a transparent election process. I am not surprised that some small cities like Şırnak can be won by AKP after the massive pressure they were exposed to.

And the most tragic news is that in Malatya two Saadet party members were killed by AKP candidate’s nephew according to the party leader.

update: According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 4 dead and 310 incidents registered during the voting day.


Turkish elections: Much at stake in Kurdish-majority southeast

Nearly 100 mayors from the pro-Kurdish HDP party have been removed from office and replaced by government trustees.


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